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Special High Performance Skin Care Collectiions
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Natural Organic Vegan High Performance Skincare Special Collections

Dr. Grandel special skincare collections Biodroga special skincare collections Dr. Schrammek Skincare Special Collections Biodroga MD special skincare collections Phyris system special skincare collections

Under the supervision of trained dermatologist Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio a compact, professional cosmetics range has been developed with the declared goal of helping skin restore its healthy, beautiful complexion. Starting with the care of normal skin to effective hydration and including solutions for special skin problems, this skincare series offers very efficient cosmetic formulas.

Scientific methods and the professional approach guarantee beauty products that stand for optimized nature made in Germany.

This provides the feeling of always having chosen the best for the skin and its individual needs.

DR. GRANDEL Kosmetik -  in love with perfection

Biodroga employs top European experts in the fields of biochemistry, dermatology and bioengineering. They ensure that only ingredients of the highest quality are processed. Naturally, as with all other Biodroga Systems products, our biological beauty systems are manufactured in strict observance of GMP . Our company guarantees that this strict standard is met in order to fulfill our commitment to unsurpassed product quality. Innovative product development, manufacturing in state-of-the-art facilities and a precise testing and control system are additional guarantees for exceptional quality.

BIODROGA MD offers you an innovative, highly scientific skincare range based on medical evidence from the latest research findings, targeting the causes of various skin problems.

Biodroga, an expert in highly efficient ingredients, is now combining skincare and medicine. HIGHLY EFFICIENT - AND WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.

The result: BIODROGA MD™. A highly efficient special care which perfectly meets the individual needs of your skin.

The unique 3-phase concept creates results you can see and feel - instantly and lastingly. For everyone who enjoys celebrating individual beauty.

PHYRIS offers beauty institutes and spas who are

highly skilled experts in their trade

professional cosmetics with great attention

to detail and high aesthetic standards.

What is your skin type?