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Welcome To Dr. Christine Schrammek All Natural Skincare For Face Treat ment - Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, eye Cream

ESSENTIAL CARE: All Natural Facial Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, day cream, sun blocked cream

Refresh Mild Face cleanser Gentle Face cleanser for sensitve and dry skin



Frees normal, combination and oily skin thoroughly from makeup and dirt. The foam leaves the skin perfectly cleansed and cleared while giving a feeling of freshnesss.

For a special cleansing ritual, foam up with a cosmetic brush and carry out a soothing cleansing massage - being careful to avoid the eye zone. Rinse off thoroughly.

Effective ingredients

Bamboo: clearing and cooling, contains a high portion of silicic acid

Water lily: calming

100 ml

100 ml=$40.00


Cleansing milk with valuable oils. Gently cleanses and prevents the skin from drying-out. PH-neutral and excellently suitable to remove eye makeup.

For a pleasant skin feeling warm up the cleansing milk in the palm of your hand before applying.

Effective ingredients

Jojoba oil: has moisture-binding properties, leaves the skin soft and smooth

Avocado oil: caring and smoothing

Calendula: supports skin processes, calming

Bisabolol: calming

200 ml - 500 ml Pro size

200 ml=$32.00

Rich tonic to refresh the skin

Perfect finish after cleansing. The tonic has refreshing and vitalising properties. Thanks to aloe vera and panthenol the skin obtains an optimum of moisture. Suitable for mature, normal and dry skin.

For a fresh feeling in summer the tonic can be sprayed overtop makeup with a spray bottle.

200 ml - 500 ml Pro size

200 ml= $34.00

500 ml=$55.00

Gentle facial tonic with herbal extracts

Selected herbal extracts and panthenol calm, refresh and hydrate the skin after cleansing. This alcohol-free lotion is excellently suited for very sensitive skin leaving it feeling soft.

For a special freshness experience keep Herbal Care Lotion 2 in the fridge!

200 ml  - 500 ml Pro size

200 ml=$38.00

500 ml=$68.00

Mild peeling for normal to sensitive skin

This creamy facial peeling with jojoba wax beads gently frees the skin from excessive sebum and dead skin cells. Refines and vitalises the complexion. Without mineral oils.

The skin peel leaves the skin more absorbant for skincare products that are applied afterwards.

50 ml   -   125 ml Pro size

Special cream for dry and sensitive skin

24 hour care cream for sensitive, dry skin. Calms the skin, diminishes feelings of tautness leaving the skin soft and supple. The light texture with valuable ingredients absorbs quickly leaving a pleasant skin feeling. Without mineral oils.

Trial skin care for sensitive skin.

50 ml - 125 ml

  Protective care cream for all skin types with SPF 20

This velvety day cream with SPF 20 teams up daily protection against UV-radiation and environmental influences with an effective sun protection filter with selected plant extracts of tomato, water lily and sea buckthorn. The skin is also optimally hydrated and strengthened, OPTIMUM PROTECTION CREAM is also available in a tinted cream.

Optimum Protection Cream is also available in a tinted variant for a slightly suntanned effect.

75 ml

75 ml=$46.00

Eye care product for helping to reduce the appearance of small wrinkles and shadows under the eyes

Velvety, light eye cream without perfume, emulsifiers, preservatives and colouring agents. The skin around the eyes appear smooth and more supple. With caffeine, biopeptides and plant extracts.

This eye cream is suitable for all skin types and be applied without any problems beneath makeup

15 ml - 50 ml Pro size

Used as makeup this fluid offers natural coverage without any "mask effect".

Effective ingredients:

Aquarich®: Moisturiser from black oat and lecithin, reduces transepidermal moisture loss

Rosmarinic acid: antioxidative

Panthenol: moisturising

Bisabolol: calming


A source of energy and vitamins with the coenzyme Q10 and an activating cocktail of vitamins. Long-term protection from free radicals thanks to vitamin C and E. The skin is refreshed and stimulated and appears smooth, vital and full of energy.

Ideal as express beauty boost for in the evening.

Effective ingredients

Sepivital®: combination of vitamins E and C, powerful antioxidant

Coenzyme Q10: Energy supplier and radical scavenger

Vitanol®: Alfalfa extract, stimulates and protects the skin

2 ml  (21 ampoules Pack)

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All Natural Face Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Tonic, Eye Cream, Day cream, Night Cream, Sun Blocked Cream  At Best Prices - Guarantee !

Dr Christine Schrammek PURE SKIN CLEANSING FOAM 100 ml                              

Dr Christine Schrammek SUPER SOFT CLEANSER 200 ml      

500 ml= $55.00

Dr. Christine Schrammek SUPER RICH TONIC 200 ML   

Dr. Christine Schrammek Herbal Care Lotion 2 - 200 ml     

Dr. Christine Schrammek PERFECT SKIN PEELING 50 ML

50 ml =$52.00

125 ml=$96.00

Dr. Christine Schrammek Special Care Cream 2 -For Dry Skin - 50 ml                      

50 ml=$47.00

125 ml=$85.00

Dr. Christine Schrammek OPTIMUM PROTECTION CREAM SPF 20-75 ml

Dr. Christine Schrammek HIGH PERFECTION EYE CARE CREAM 15 ml

15 ml=$50.00

50 ml=$95.00

Dr Christine Schrammek Blemish Balm Beauty Fluid 40 ml


(Ivory - Beige - Peach)

Dr Christine Schrammek Blemish Balm Beauty Fluid 40 ml

Corrective fluid for impure and combination skin - Regulating Care

(Ivory - Beige - Peach)

BLEMISH BALM PERFECT BEAUTY FLUID for combination and impure skin combines the lightness of a toning fluid with the caring properties of a cream. The liquid, tinted "two in one"-product supplies impure and combination skin with important caring substances and provide a flawless skin coverage. It helps regulating the skin processes and minimises shiny skin, redness and unevenness. The fluid merges with the skin for an even, well-groomed complexion - all day long. Available in three shades.

There are many BB Creams, but only one Blemish Balm - The Original!

Secret-Tip: Optimum matting without any "mask effect". The practical stand-up tube fits in any handbag.

Effective ingredients:

Seboclear®: ingredient mixture for a balancing effect

Liquorice root: calming

Bisabolol: calming

Zinc oxide: anti-inflammatory, concealing







125 ml=$63.00

Soft body care with 5 % urea

Light body lotion for intensive care and protection of very dry skin. Urea improves the skin's own moisture content and absorbs quickly. Stressed and tense skin will be noticeably smoother, soft and tender. Without paraffin oil - without parabens - without PEG derivatives - without lanolin.

Instant skin care excellently suited for a hand pack: simply apply a generous layer, slip on thin cotton gloves and allow to take effect.

125 ml

Dr. Christine Schrammek DERMA ZONE BODY CREAM 125 ml

Dr Christine Schrammek Energy Power Ampoules 2 ml

2 ml x 21=$95.00