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Dr. Christine Schrammek SKIN ELIXIR 30 ML

Skin Elixier

Rich beauty fluid for demanding, dry skin

The best-seller Skin Elixier is a perfectly harmonised beauty fluid with caring, regenerating properties and gives dry, demanding skin a fresher appearance. Combats both fine lines from dryness and tired skin and protects against free radicals. The fluid is rich in wheat germs and botanical oils leaving it smooth and supple. A unique care fluid for new vitality. Without parabens and mineral oils.

Ideal as 24-hour skin care and as a makeup base.

Effective ingredients:

Thistle and wheat germ oil: with a high portion of essential fatty acids, film forming and smoothing

Coenzyme Q10: Energy supplier and radical scavenger

Liposome ACE: encapsulated water- and fat-soluble vitamins with strong antioxidative effect

Gingko tincture: activating, regenerating

30 ml - 50 ml - 100 ml

30 ml = $47.00

50 ml = $76.00

100 ml = 124.00

Consumer Reviews

By KLR on April 10, 2014

MIXER to MY Elixier. I love how the french do serum..i love how the french do a lot of things. I picked this little number while visiting a friends skin clinic is San Francisco. She was Irish! Ya know how those Irish ladies love their milky soft skin!

The weather was brutal to my skin in SF too! As I also scheduled with Aveda skin clinic that visit! Anyway..cross my heart and hope to die , the Schrammek skincare line! oh..I hope she's french?? xo

By Betfly on March 11, 2014

Love it!. This is a great product. Great on my dry sensitive skin!! Makes my face feel nice. I use it at night after I cleanse.

Well worth the price.

By NS on March 7, 2015

Five Stars. great night cream- one my staples!