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Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Cosmetics

Skin Problems Treatment

Dr. Schrammek Anti-Aging care for Combination Skin collection - SAAC100

(40 to 65 years old)

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High-quality skin care products and treatments based on the dermatological know-how of Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio, dermatologist and allergologist.

Dr Christine Schrammek PURE SKIN CLEANSING FOAM 100 ml

Frees normal, combination and oily skin thoroughly from makeup and dirt. The foam leaves the skin perfectly cleansed and cleared while giving a feeling of freshnesss.

Twice a day (Morning and Evening)

For a special cleansing ritual, foam up with a cosmetic brush and carry out a soothing cleansing massage - being careful to avoid the eye zone. Rinse off thoroughly.

Dr. Christine Schrammek SUPER RICH TONIC 200 ml

Perfect finish after cleansing. The tonic has refreshing and vitalising properties. Thanks to aloe vera and panthenol the skin obtains an optimum of moisture.

Twice a day (Morning and Evening)

Cotton pad with this product and then apply to cleansed face, neck and décolleté.

Dr. Christine Schrammek HIGH PERFECTION EYE CARE CREAM 15 ml

Eye care product for helping to reduce the appearance of small wrinkles and shadows under the eyes. The skin around the eyes appear smooth and more supple

Twice a day (Morning and Evening)

Apply a thin layer on upper, lower eye lids and at the end eye areas.


Dr. Christine Schrammek ACTIVE FUTURE DAY CREAM 50 ml

Day cream that helps to maintain vital and beautiful skin. Valuable ingredients like isoflavones and algae prevent from loss of moisture and elasticity. Botanical oils (grape seed, jojoba, avocado) smooth and soften the skin. Promotes a fresh, vitalised complexion.

One a day

Apply in the morning all over face and neck, decollete in circular motion gently.


Dr. Christine Schrammek ACTIVE FUTURE NIGHT CREAM 50 ml

The very rich cream with isoflavones and valuable argan oil pampers and vitalises skin in need of regeneration over night. The effect in the morning: more beautiful looking skin. It appears smooth, supple and vitalised. Without mineral oil, without PEG derivatives.

One a day

Apply in the evening all over face and neck, decollete in circular motion gently.

Dr. Christine Schrammek Special Regulating Cream - 50 ml

A matting day and night cream for combination, oily and impure skin. Innovative ingredients prevent inflammations and blackheads without irritating the skin. Contains valuable aloe vera, panthenol and bisabolol. The skin appears matt and clear. Without mineral oils, without PEG derivatives.

Twice a day (Morning and Evening)

Apply by massaging gently all over face, neck and decolette

Dr. Christine Schrammek OPTIMUM PROTECTION CREAM SPF 20 - 75 ml

This velvety day cream with SPF 20 teams up daily protection against UV-radiation and environmental influences with an effective sun protection filter with selected plant extracts of tomato, water lily and sea buckthorn. The skin is also optimally hydrated and strengthened

Apply whenever go out under the sun shine or strong dayligh sources (Repeat 6 hours later if needed).

- After then the foundation and make up could be applied)