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Dr. Christine Schrammek ACTIVE FUTURE NIGHT CREAM 50 ML

Active Future Night Cream

Anti-aging night care for demanding skin

The very rich cream with isoflavones and valuable argan oil pampers and vitalises skin in need of regeneration over night. The effect in the morning: more beautiful looking skin. It appears smooth, supple and vitalised. Without mineral oil, without PEG derivatives.

Also excellently suited as decolleté care!

Effective ingredients:

Iris isoflavones: protect the skin from loss of elasticity

Centella asiatica: improves regenerating processes

Argan oil: stimulating, skin protecting

Cuckoo flower oil: has moisture-binding properties

50 ml

50 ml = $72.00

Consumer Reviews

By Kyungjun L. on February 11, 2014

Good. I always use this cosmetic for 10 years. It recover my face skin as glass.

By Hyunhyekim on May 10, 2015

I've been using Dr. Christine for 8 years and it is my favorite brand. I tried many other brands for change but this is my favorite brand.

This night cream is smooth and good for my dry skin. ( i live in las vegas) This is right product for me.

By May M. on February 27, 2014

I always use this cream for 6 years.

 It is the cheapest price online