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Phyris Multi Vision Eye Lift Trio Set (1 x 15 ml – 2 x 5 ml)

 - Perfect eye area care system

- Eye care set of PHYRIS for a highly concentrated four-week-intensive-repair-treatment

Three perfectly matched, intensively effective care specialists support the sensitive eye area, tighten the cell structure and smooth and protect it from environmental influences and stress.

MULTI EYE LIFT-SET for the four-week-intensive-repair-treatment contains:

* * 1 x VISION EYE LIFT- Luxurious 2 in 1 eye care

Vision Eye Lift - The especially soft texture of this luxurious 2 in 1 eye cream is pampering the sensitive skin around the eyes with precious lipids to make it smooth and soft.

Lines, wrinkles and signs of stress are reduced immediately.

In addition it reduces puffiness, provides relaxation and pleasant refreshment.

The skin’s own self-defence as well as the cell structure will be improved with a lasting effect and therefore be prevented from premature skin aging.

If  applied in more covering layer also to be used as an anti-aging eye masks.


ESSENTIAL EYE LIFT I of PHYRIS is a firming and revitalizing anti-aging concentrate especially formulated for the skin of the eye area. It reduces the depth of lines and wrinkles as well as cell damage. The precious shimmering extract of Tahiti Black Pearl makes the skin silky soft and smooth and binds moisture. Sugar millet extract has a long-lasting and firming effect due to the tight film it forms on the skin. Caffeine reduces signs of tiredness, stress and decreases puffiness.

For a fresh, bright eye area.


ESSENTIAL EYE LIFT II is a regenerative, strengthening and calming anti-aging concentrate that acts as a rejuvenation treatment for the upper eye area. The precious shimmering extract of Tahiti Black Pearl makes the skin silky soft and smooth and binds moisture. Glucan has a calming effect and supports the skin’s immune system. An active complex of Rice and Soybean Peptides improves the microcirculation, strengthens the skin’s connective tissue and thus combats skin aging. Swelling and congestion is reduced and the skin looks firmer and tighter again.

For a strengthened and firmed upper eye area.

Package: Dispenser, Pipette bottle

Pack of 3 (1 +1+1)

3 pack=$132.23