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Phyris UV ADD ON SPF 30 Serum - 50 ml

 - Intelligent serum with SPF 30

PHYRIS UV ADD ON SPF 30 Serum is a sun protection serum that can be used in a variety of individual ways. The unique combination of high SPF 30 and the first ever light serum formulation makes UV ADD ON SPF 30 Serum an essential accompaniment for every PHYRIS care range.

Vitamin E supports the skin’s moisture-binding capacity, is an anti-inflammatory and protects the skin against free radicals. Premature skin aging due to negative environmental influences and sun exposure is thus combated. Panthenol additionally supports the regeneration of sun-damaged skin.

You do not want to do without, but offers no protection against UV radiation on your usual day care? The PHYRIS SPECIALS UV ADD ON SPF 30 serum we have the perfect product for you! Put PHYRIS SPECIALS UV ADD ON SPF 30 Serum just then, if you need sun protection. Vitamin E to protect the skin from free radicals and anti-inflammatory . Panthenol helps to heal sun damaged skin and supports the skin thereby to bind moisture. By the light texture of the serum in conjunction with a high sun protection factor is PHYRIS SPECIALS UV ADD ON SPF 30 Serum ideal companion.

Application : after cleaning or after your care product Enter up to three pipette fillings of PHYRIS SPECIALS UV ADD ON SPF 30 Serum on the skin that are exposed to light the most.

Enter the PHYRIS SPECIALS UV ADD ON SPF 30 Serum about 30 minutes before outdoor activities and repeat the application as needed, especially after swimming to continue to provide for sun protection.

Recommended use for PHYRIS SPECIALS UV ADD ON SPF 30 Serum :

Face: 1 pipette filling

Face & Hands: 1.5 pipette fillings

face, neck & hands: 2 pipette fillings

face, neck & hands: 3 pipette fillings

Package: Pipette bottle


Vitamin E, Panthenol

Tip: This serum is an ideal "sun bodyguard" whenever the skin is exposed to the sun. On holiday, whether at the sea or in the mountains, during outdoor sports in winter or summer, during family outings or with friends... UV ADD ON SPF 30 Serum is thus the ideal solution for everyone who prefers a light formulation combined with an easy application and still wants a high level of sun protection.

50 ml