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Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Cosmetics

Phyris see change V-Contour 50 ml - Pro Size

- Intensively strengthens your V-contour and preserves your "beauty   triangle".

This moisturizing formulation SeeChange V-Contour intensively strengthens your V-contour and thus preserves your "beauty triangle". Because the Blue Evolution Essences refresh, polish up and give back to the 3D network of your skin the natural elasticity.

The moisturizing formulation intensively firms the V-contour. The Macroalgae Essence activates the energy of the skin cells for renewed cell activity. Consequently, the skin is able to protect itself from premature environmental skin aging.

The active ingredient Sealift forms an instantly lifted network on the skin which significantly pads out fine lines. As a result, the skin looks immediately smoother and younger.

Brown Algae Extract intensively moisturizes for an immediately smoother skin surface.

Red Algae Extract supports the skin with an invisible network like a firming corset.

For a youthful, firmer V-contour.

Home treatment:

After cleansing and SOMI, apply a small amount (the contents of 1 – 2 pipettes) to face, neck and décolleté. Then apply a suitable care.


Blue Evolution Essences, Brown Algae Extract, Red Algae Extract

Tipp: SEE CHANGE V-CONTOUR uniquely maintains the natural “beauty triangle”. An ideal complement for all customers who want to protect their skin from sagging contours.

50 ml- Professional  Saving size

50 ml= $106.25

(Pro size)