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Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Cosmetics

Skin Problems Treatment

A Revolution in skincare concept

(More information on 3 phase concept)

* The unique 3-phase concept creates results you can see and feel - instantly and lastingly. For everyone who enjoys celebrating individual beauty

* PHYRIS offers beauty institutes and spas who are highly skilled experts in their trade professional cosmetics with great attention  to detail and high aesthetic standards

Phyris Foam Cleanser 75 ml

Phyris Creamy Cleanser 75 ml


Phyris Milky Cleanser 200 ml

Phyris Sensi Foam Ultra Soft Cleanser 100 ml

Phyris Eye Make up Remover Gel 75 ml

Phyris Ferment Peeling 30 ml

Phyris A`Peel Porcelain Peeling 75 ml

Phyris Hydro Tonic 200 ml


Phyris Astringent Tonic 200 ml  

Phyris Deep Cleansing Mask 75 ml

Phyris SKIN RESULTS SERUM - Peel Index 20

 Phyris AHA - Peeling 30% Fruit Acid- Special pH4 - 50 ml

Phyris Termasomi Gel 75 ml - Multi-active gel with thermal elements

Phyris Termasomi Spray - Multi-active spray with thermal elements


Phyris Sensisomi Balm 75 ml - Activation of the body’s defenses

Phyris Ultrasomi Fluid  75 ml - Activates skin cell metabolism with oxygen

Phyris Hydro Active BODY SENSATION DESIGNER 50 ml - Belly-legs-buttocks elixir

Phyris Hydro Active BODY SENSATION CONCENTRATE 200 ml - Firming ingredient concentrate for the body

Phyris Hydro Active HYALURON SENSATION MASK 75 ml - Moisturizing cream-gel mask with double hyaluronic acid

Phyris Hydro Active HYALURON SENSATION CREAM 50 ml - 24-hour intensive care cream with hyaluron

Phyris Hydro Active HYALURON SENSATION 2-PHASE 50 ml - 24-hour moisture care with natural hyaluronic acid

Phyris Hydro Active AQUA SENSATION CREAM - Moisturizing intensive care cream

Phyris Hydro Active AQUA SENSATION GEL 50 ml - Moisturizing intensive gel cream

Phyris Hydro Active HYALURON SENSATION CAPS 28 - Moisturizing capsules with wrinkle filling effect

Phyris Hydro Active HYALURON SENSATION SERUM - 24-hour moisture concentrate with hyaluronic acid

Phyris Hydro Active Intensive  Elixir 50 ml  


Phyris Time Release PEPTIDE DEPOT - Lifting serum mask

Phyris Time Release CERAMIDE DEPOT - Regenerating serum mask

Phyris Time Release RETINOL DEPOT - Anti-aging serum mask

Phyris Time Release VITAMIN DEPOT - Revitalizing serum mask with Vitamin C

Phyris Time Release COLLAGEN DEPOT - Firming serum mask

Phyris Time Release HYALURON DEPOT - Moisturizing serum mask with hyaluron


Phyris Time Release PEPTIDE RELAX-LIFT 30 ml  Relaxing and smooting anti-aging serum

Phyris Time Release  RETINOL ANTI-AGE 30 ml - Smoothing serum with retinol

Phyris Time Release VITAMIN FLASH 30 ml - Vitalising serum with Vitamin C

Phyris Time Release COLLAGEN FILLER 30 ml - Firming serum with collagen

Phyris Time Release  CERAMIDE REPAIR 30 ml  - Regenerating serum with ceramides

Phyris Time Release  HYALURON SUPER MOIST 30 ml - Moisturizing serum with hyaluron

Phyris Perfect Age TIME DEFENSE SERUM  15 ml - High-tech concentrate with defense complex  

Phyris Perfect Age EYE & LIP 15 ml  - Firming anti-aging fluid for lips and eyes

Phyris Perfect Age DÉCOLLETÉ 75 ml - Smoothing anti-aging cream

Phyris Perfect Age MAGIC CAPS 28 - Regenerating high-tech-concentrate  

Phyris Perfect Age TIME DEFENSE MASK 75 ml - Rich cream mask with defense complex  

Phyris Perfect Age  CELL REFILL 45 ml - Regenerative 24-hour care cream  

Phyris Perfect Age  CELL LIFT 45 ml - Smoothening and firming 24-hour care  

Phyris Perfect Age  CELL CONTROL 45 ml - Protective and refreshing 24-hour care

Phyris Perfect Age Time Defense Elixir 50 ml-Pro size. -  Instantly and permanently smoothens out fine lines and wrinkles

Phyris LUXESSE  Products

Phyris  LUXESSE BRIGHT 45 ml - Luxurious care with anti-pigment effect

Phyris  LUXESSE RICH  45 ml - Luxuriously rich intensive care

Phyris  LUXESSE LIFT 45 ml - Luxurious, firming care for dehydrated skin

Phyris  LUXESSE REFILL 45 ml - Luxurious, firming care for dry skin

Phyris  VISION EYE LIFT  15 ml - Luxurious  eye care  

Phyris  ESSENTIALS EYE LIFT Serum 2 x 5 ml - Small treasures for the eye area

Phyris  Phyris Essential Eye Lift Serum  8 x 5 ml (4 + 4) - Pro Size - Small treasures for the eye area

Phyris Multi Vision Eye Lift Trio Set (1 x 15 ml – 2 x 5 ml) - Perfect eye area care system

Phyris Phyto Vital  AGE CONTROL REVITALIZER  50 ml - Gentle anti-age special care cream

Phyris Phyto Vital  NUTRI REVITALIZER 50 ml  - Stimulating and rich 24-hour care

Phyris Phyto Vital  VITAMIN A REVITALIZER 50 ml - Rich regeneration cream

Phyris Phyto Vital Super Rich Revitalizer 50 ml

Phyris SENSITIVE SKIN CREAM 50 ml - Light special care for sensitive mixed skin

Phyris SUPER RICH TREATMENT 50 ml - Rich special care cream for dry skin

Phyris SKIN PROTECTION CREAM 50 ml - Protective special care for sensitive skin

Phyris PHYTO THERAPY CREAM 50 ml - Special care for extremely dry, allergic skin

Phyris  ANTI-STRESS CREAM 50 ml - Calming care cream for stressed skin

Phyris  ANTI-STRESS MASK 75 ml - Soft, calming cream-mask

Phyris  COUPEROSE CONTROL SERUM 15 ml - For skin areas tending towards couperose

Phyris Derma Control  SILVER BALANCE MASK - Balancing cream mask

Phyris Derma Control  SILVER PURE CONCENTRATE 20 ml - Active ingredient concentrate against inflammation

Phyris Derma Control  SEBO BALANCE FORMULA 50 ml  -Mattifying and sebum-regulating 24-hour care

Phyris Derma Control  SKIN NORMALIZING CREAM 50 ml  - Balancing 24-hour care

Phyris Derma Control  SICCA REPAIR BALM  50 ml - Calming 24-hour care

Phyris Eye Zone GOLDEN Eye Balm 15 ml - Gentle eye balm

Phyris Eye Zone GOLDEN Eye Gel 15 ml - Smoothing eye gel for intensive moisture

Phyris Eye Zone GOLDEN CREAM & MASK 15 ml - Creamy-delicate eye cream

Phyris Eye Zone Time Control Eye Cream 50 ml Pro size

Phyris Eye Zone  Anti Stress Eye Cream 20 ml

Phyris Eye Zone Anti Stress Eye mask 20 ml

Phyris SPECIALS Products

Phyris BB ULTIMATE Beauty Balm - All-in-one day care with SPF 20

Phyris UV ADD ON SPF 30 Serum - Intelligent serum with SPF 30

Phyris Algae Mask with Vitamin C 500 ml  

Phyris Active Firming Gel/Aloe vera Gel 400 ml  

Phyris Active Firming mask powder 200 ml  

Phyris Massage cream 250 ml  

Phyris AHA Peeling 50 ml  

Phyris Cherry Cocktail mask 500 ml Pro size

Phyris TRIPLE A Products

1-Phyris Triple A RETINOL MASK  200 ml Pro Size - Care mask with instant lifting effect

2- Phyris Triple A RETINOL CREAM RICH 50 ml - For very dry skin, stressed skin

3- Phyris Triple A RETINOL CREAM 50 ml - For dehydrated, stressed skin

4- Phyris Triple A RETINOL BALM 50 ml - For stressed oily and combination skin

5-Phyris Triple A RETINOL FORMULA 50 ml - For a silky, cared for and smooth skin

Phyris Triple A RETINOL EYE CREAM 20 ml - Banishes shadows and swelling

With over 60 years experience in the development and manufacture of professional cosmetics and skincare.

Concentrating attention on products and treatments exclusively designed for the use in professional spas worldwide.

The company has grown to be a worldwide leader in research, development and production of natural, high-tech cosmetics for the salon and spa industry.

Phyris Renew Refill cream 50 ml

Phyris Renew Re-Contour Cream 50 ml  

Phyris Renew Re-Design Decollete 50 ml

Phyris Repair Eye – Lip 20 ml

Phyris Repair One Drop 15 ml


Phyris Cleansing Products Phyris SOMI Products Phyris HYDRO ACTIVE Products Phyris TIME RELEASE Products Phyris PERFECT AGE Products Phyris LUXESSE  Products Phyris PHYTO VITAL Products Phyris SENSITIVE Products Phyris DERMA CONTROL Products Phyris EYE ZONE Products Phyris Renew products Phyris SEE CHANGE Skin Care Products

1- Phyris see change Beauty Sleep cream 50 ml

2- Phyris see change eye & lip cream 15 ml

3- Phyris see change Moisture Refill Cream 50 ml

4- Phyris see change Smoothing Cream Cream 50 ml

5- Phyris see change V-Contour 30 ml

1- Phyris Active Firming Mask Powder 115 gr

2- Phyris AHA Peeling 30% 50 ml

3- Phyris Aloe Vera Gel & Mask 500 ml