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Dr Grandel Protect ACE Vita phase 50 ml

Intensive moisturizer

Two-phase intensive care with a highly active moisturizer

By simply shaking the concentrate connects to a non-greasy moisturizing care . The combination of protective vitamins A, C and E with a highly effective biological skin moisture regulator gives the skin new energy.

Proper use of the ACE Vita GRANDEL PROTECT phase intensive care:

Shake bottle upside down before use, until both phases are mixed - only then apply Vita ACE phase. Then a GRANDEL apply PROTECT care. NOT IN THE EYES, NOSE OR MOUTH SPRAY. AVOID CONTACT WITH CLOTHES - CARROT OIL COLORS.


Vitamins A, C and E, NMF, Organic skin moisture regulator, carrot oil, jojoba oil

PACKAGING: spray bottle

50 ml

50 ml=$51.78