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Dr Grandel Men Eye Cream 15 ml

Firming Eye Care

Firming anti-aging care for the eye area

Reduces dark rings and bags under the eyes.

Makes signs of tiredness disappear.

Relaxes and minimizes the wrinkles created by facial movements and expressions.

Pampers the stressed eye area to a vital and vitalized look

Description of Dr. Grandel Eye Cream:

Eye Cream softens wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags. Signs of fatigue disappear. The eye area looks alive and vital .

Description of Dr. Grandel Eye Cream:

Morning and evening after cleansing the skin around the eyes. CREAM NOT GET IN THE EYES HAVE.


glacier water, mineral-protein complex, Skin Relax peptides Contour Firmer, Eye Fit, Refractive pigments


15 ml

15 ml=$27.24