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Dr Grandel Hydro Lipid Two-phase 50 ml

Intensive moisturizer

HYDRO LIPID Two-phase moisturizes while increasing lipid production

Description of moisture concentrate GRANDEL HYDRO LIPID Two-phase:

GRANDEL Two-Face from the series HYDRO LIPID , an intensive moisturizer for sensitive skin : two distinct phases, a moisturizing (HYDRO) - and a fat (LIPID) phase unfold, by shaking the bottle one incomparable effect . GRANDEL Two phase increases the moisture content of the skin and stimulates simultaneously the lipid synthesis. The skin is much smoother and just seems younger .

Proper use of the moisture concentrate GRANDEL HYDRO LIPID Two-phase:

HYDRO LIPID two-phase bottle upside down shake well before use, until both phases are connected together homogeneously. Spray onto the palm. With light, circular motion on the cleansed skin. Then give the time of day HYDRO LIPID Supermoist or Ultra Night about it. NOT IN THE EYES, NOSE OR MOUTH SPRAY. AVOID CONTACT WITH CLOTHES - CARROT OIL COLORS.


lipid activator, panthenol, epigran, safflower seeds, carrot, and wheat germ oil, hyaluronic acid, NMF

PACKAGING: spray bottle

50 ml

50 ml=$53.98