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Dr Grandel Eye Care Contour Mask 20 ml

Contour Mask - Restructuring eye mask

Smoothing spa mask for the eye area

Contour Mask , the classic series EYE CARE new formulation: The smooth, restructuring eye mask with anti-aging effect spoiled and smoothes stressed skin around the eye, gives a good feeling and gives you new look. The entire eye area is relaxed, small fine lines and wrinkles disappear . Oat extract and honey stimulate cell activity and work towards long term regular use of skin aging.

Correct application of the eye-mask Contour Mask of GRANDEL:

After cleaning 1-2 times per week Apply liberally around the eyes. Surface for at least 15 minutes. Mask is fully absorbed.


oat extract, honey, Cupuacu filter

20 ml - 75 ml pro size

20 ml=$37.75

75 ml pro size=$52.12