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Biodroga MD Skin booster Peptox Serum Fluid 30 ml - New

Herbal botulinum toxin (Botox) alternative

Especially recommended for:

All ages, Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Anti Aging, Refining Pores, wrinkle reduction

PepTox Serum Fluid is a high-tech formula with an effect similar to that of botulinum toxin.

Hexapeptides have a relaxing effect on the facial muscles and help to prevent expression lines. Simultaneously, Pro-Matrix peptides improve the extracellular matrix and support this way the improvement of skin's elasticity.

Additionally, lactobionic acid has an anti-oxidative effect and maintains skin's moisture level.

This Botox alternative contains natural neuro-peptides and algae which surround the muscles with proteins to block the skin from contracting strongly around muscles, whilst still allowing for some movement. Apparently, when the algae extract is combined with other ingredients, the skin around it will appear more youthful, without seeming to be ‘frozen’.

Rather than being injected by a needle, this product is absorbed directly by the skin, and is so safe, it can be bought online and used at home


5% hexapeptides

5% pro-matrix peptides

8% lactobionic acid

shea butter


On the cleaned skin and gently massage. Then use the usual care.

Do not store above 25°C!

30 ml



Moderate to severe crow’s feet, frown lines, wrinkles removal

No Injection Required


How Botox Works: Botox or botulinum works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscles can longer contract causing the wrinkles to relax. Botox is most often used on forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines. The actual mechanism of action is by blocking or reducing the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which is required in order for the muscle to contract. Without acetylcholine, the muscle will not contract. If the muscle doesn't contract, then it won't be able to pull the attached, overylying skin into creases which would result on your face as wrinkles.

With Herbal Botox alternative: You can say goodbye to unwanted frown lines, crow’s feet, lines around the mouth, and any other unwanted facial wrinkles and lines. Botox Cosmetic is a protein that prevents muscle activity by blocking the nerve transmissions to the muscle, thereby reducing muscle activity and preventing the contractions which cause wrinkles. However contrary to myths about Botox, you will still freely be able to make your facial expressions.