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policy Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Cosmetics

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Special High Performance Skin Care Collectiions
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Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Cosmetics

Cleansing line:

  1. Biodroga md Radiance Boost Gel 75 ml
  2. Biodroga md Moisturizing Cleansing milk 200 ml
  3. Biodroga md Refreshing Skin Lotion 200 ml
  4. Biodroga md Skin Refining Peeling 30 ml

Moisture Line:

  1. Biodroga md perfect hydration 24 hour care 50 ml
  2. Biodroga md perfect hydration 24 hour care fluid 50 ml
  3. Biodroga md perfect hydration Eye care 15 ml

Anti-Age Line:

  1. Biodroga md collagen boost day care 50 ml
  2. Biodroga md collagen boost night care 50ml
  3. Biodroga md collagen boost eye care 15 ml

Hyper-Sensitive Line:

  1. Biodroga md hypoallergen 24 hour care 50 ml
  2. Biodroga md hyppoallergen moisture concentrate 30 ml
  3. Biodroga md hypoallergen eye & lip care 30
  4. Biodroga md restructuring concentrate 100 ml

Skin Booster Serum:

  1. Biodroga md intense moisture serum 2 - 30 ml-100ml
  2. Biodroga md anti-pigmentation spot serum 5 - 30 ml
  3. Biodroga md anti-uv stress serum 4 - 30 ml
  4. Biodroga md pore-refining serum 3 - 30 ml
  5. Biodroga md instant lift serum 6 - 30 ml
  6. Biodroga md total anti-age serum 30 ml
  7. Biodroga MD Skin booster Peptox Serum Fluid  30 ml – (New)

Skin Boost Power Products:

  1. Biodroga md face-care fluid 30 ml
  2. Biodroga md anti-blemish stick 1 - 5 ml
  3. Biodroga md firming mask with instant effect 75 ml
  4. Biodroga md lipid massage cream 200 ml

Skin Boost Power Products Acid Treatment :

  1. Biodroga md hyaluronic acid gel concentrate 50 ml
  2. Biodroga md booster AHA acid 20% - 50 ml
  3. Biodroga md booster AHA acid 30% - 50 ml
  4. Biodroga md acid neutralizer 200 ml

Hair Booster:

  1. Biodroga md shampoo concentrate step 1 - 75 ml
  2. Biodroga md Energizing serum step 2 - 100 ml
  3. Biodroga md hair booster complete system

BIODROGA MD is an entirely new collection of high performance “cosmeceutical” products that contain all the current peptide, fruit acid and antioxidant “trending” technology, as well as being free from mineral oil, emulsifiers, PEG, colorants and parabens and contain only natural fragrances or none at all.

BIODROGA MD offers you an innovative, highly scientific skincare range based on medical evidence from the latest skincare research findings, directly targeting the causes of various skin problems.

Our in-house research and development team has brought together the most up-to-date dermatological, phytopharmaceutical, biotechnological, and cosmetic knowledge.


BIODROGA is one of the first cosmetics brands to offer this new, highly effective peptide ingredient in cosmetic formulations.





The answer is medically and scientifically based products including “intelligent” cremes and optimized effectiveness as a result of the Derma Membrane Complex. Additionally, the products contain plant-based stimulants with a long-term skincare effect, highly potent vitamins, collagen-building and protecting tripeptides, hexapeptides that relax the facial features, effective plant oils and extracts, luxury hyaluronic acid – all contained in a state-of-the-art care range.


BIODROGA MD products are fragrance-free or contain natural essences only. They do not contain parabens or mineral oils. In addition, hardly any of the products contain traditional emulsifiers.



BIODROGA MD - where science meets luxury

In healthy children, the skin is fully intact. It is firm, unblemished, and velvety smooth. But even during puberty, the skin quickly loses its balance owing to hormonal fluctuations. Pimples, spots, and often acne and oily skin are quite common. Regardless of the skin condition in the early years, skin will always become drier, more sensitive, and wrinklier with increasing age as a result of natural aging processes, and thus require more nourishment.

From a medical perspective, skin aging represents a weakening of the autoimmune system. Collagen formation slows down, moisture content and the ability to bind moisture decline, and the skin becomes thinner and more sensitive. The initial signs of skin aging are often present as early as the mid-20s, and functional limitations of skin and appearance are the result. From age 30, cell division rates slow down significantly. Ten years later, the skin begins to “mature.


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High UV Sun protection:

Biodroga MD -Skin booster High UV protection face cream SPF 50 – 30 ml

Biodroga MD: The medical graded skincare products

Even & Perfect Skin :

1. Biodroga  MD Skin Tone Correcting Fluid SPF 15 – 30 ml

2. Biodroga  MD CC Cream SPF 20 Color Correction 40 ml