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Biodroga Global Anti-Age Formula 24hr Care 50 ml

vitalizes the functions of mature skin.

Combined Day and Night Care for mature demanding skin.

Protects and stimulates the skin's own stem cells, enhances renewal of skin cells, reduce wrinkles, moisturizes and provides firmness.

Biodroga Bioscience Institute Global Anti-Age Formula 24h Care for demanding skin is a stimulating day and night care in one, for demanding skin. Biodroga Global 24 hour cream with the Global Anti-Age Complex combines oligo peptides and Argan stem cell extracts for a long acting anti-verouderingsporces. This complex stimulates the production of new cells and collagen and improves the elasticity in the skin. Biodroga Global day and night cream is rich in hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, vitamin E acetate, and squalane, and has a very high skin compatibility. During the day the skin is well protected from dehydration, free radicals and moisture loss. During the night the cream supports the natural healing process. After using Biodroga Global 24 Hour Care fade lines and wrinkles and see your skin look youthful and fresh.

In other words, a complete function.

 Size: 50 ml

         200 ml Pro saving size also available

50 ml=$102.86

200ml Pro size= $179.66