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Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Cosmetics

Skin Problems Treatment

Biodroga  Anti-Aging care for Combination Skin collection - BAAC100

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An expert in highly efficient ingredients, is now combining skincare and medicine.


BIODROGA Cleansing Fluid for impure, oily, comb-200 ml

Lightweight cleansing solution that breaks down dirt, oil and other impurities for a refreshed finish. Promotes cell rejuvenation and collagen production as it thoroughly cleanses the skin without dehydrating or causing irritation.  

Twice daily (Morning-evening)

Apply to moist skin, cleanse and rinse off.

Biodroga Clarifying Lotion for impure, oily, comb-200 ml

The same favorite formula from the Puran Formula, now under the Cleansing Line! Helps skin normalize excessive sebum production, uses antibacterial properties to protect skin from impurities, mattes the skin and removes unwanted sheen while absorbing excess sebum. Leaves skin feeling clear and fresh. For impure skin.

Twice daily (Morning-evening)

Shake clarifying lotion well and gently pat onto skin after cleansing using a cotton pad drenched in lotion. Leave it on - Do not rinse off.



Biodroga Anti-Age Firming Eye Care-15 ml

The Firming Eye Care is a holistic skin care concept. Its rich texture is tailored to the particular needs of the extremely delicate eye contour area and optimally helps to counter signs of premature skin aging, efficiently compensates lipid shortage and helps against tear sacs.

Twice daily (Morning-evening)

Apply a thin layer and gently massage around the eye areas including upper and lower eye lids.


Biodroga Age performance Restoring Facial Fluid-30 ml

The newest innovation from Biodroga Systems, the needs of demanding, mature skin are met with the Age Performance Formula. High performance ingredients  respond to sign of skin aging and the skin regains elasticity, density  and tone. Soft, sheer textures that melt into the skin giving a instant feeling of wellbeing. Restoring Facial Fluid is a silky fluid that virtually melts with the skin and assures a perfect feeling of wellbeing. It significantly improves skin density, tone and elasticity and supplies skin with long term moisture. Protects skin and strengthens its defensive powers. Effective against the signs of aging, the fluid firms facial contours, smoothes the skin and imparts a full, firm radiantly fresh complexion.

Twice daily (Morning-evening)

Apply evenly to cleansed skin in the morning and/or evening and massage in gently.


Biodroga 24 Hour Care for impure, oily combo skin-30 ml

Alleviates skin impurities, counteracts inflammatory processes and helps skin normalize excessive sebum production. Uses antibacterial properties to protect skin from impurities, mattes the skin and prevents unwanted sheen while giving skin a clear, balanced appearance. For blemish-prone, oily and combination skin.

Twice daily (Morning-evening)

Apply a few drops to cleansed facial skin morning and/or evening and massage in gently.